Tony is available as a speaker for a variety of plant-enthusiast audiences


What points are covered?

  • The types of arid plants available and the regions in the world they come from
  • How much water to give your plants and what type of what soil they prefer
  • Effective treatments for bugs and insects
  • How to repot a cacti or succulent
  • How to take cuttings from your plant
  • What temperature is best for your plants
  • Differences in growth patterns throughout the year
  • How to hibernate or overwinter plants
  • Recommendation on books to buy, shops that supply soil, grit and plants 


What will Tony bring to the talk?

Tony will bring a selection of his own plants, some of which will be for sale. 

Can I bring my own plants to ask Tony questions?

Of course. 

What is the duration of Tony’s talk?

Usually up to 45 minutes but can be tailored to suit any event or audience.


3 tables at the front of the audience to display items. No slides are involved in the talk.

Where is Tony available?

A radius of 50 miles from Portishead.

How do I book?

For fees and booking, please contact Tony here