What can Cacti do for your business?

Cacti, Lithops and Succulents can all have a positive impact on your business whether you have a custom-facing space or not. See below some of the many benefits Cacti offfer over ‘traditional’ plants.

Cafe’s & Bars

Are you tired of replacing flowers every day/week in your cafe, bar or restaurant and the cost that you are incurring?

Do you have areas that are not lit with natural light?  Cacti & Succulents are more forbidding in these zones and require minimal maintenance, thus releasing staff to concentrate on the running of your business.

Hotels, Guesthouses, B&B’s, Holiday Cottages

Cacti can last indefinitely, thus saving much staff time and money, so they can concentrate on the normal running of your business.

Cacti & Succulents are so fashionable at present, which can give your business the feel of being trendy/fashionable with your finger on today’s requirements and carry over to increased trade yourself.

Colleges, Educational Bodies, Local Government

Are you perhaps unqualified in Arid Plants knowledge or require additional help in buying/displaying or even teaching students of horticulture?

Then Tony Irons Cacti can not only give you advice /help in sourcing, buying, displaying these plants, but does run educational lessons/lectures  for students interested in following this section of horticulture. Academies, schools, R.H.S teaching colleges have already started to benefit from this form of help.

Some of these institutions have also benefited with donations or purchases of these plants for their own greenhouses.

Offices and Commercial Spaces

Compared to cut flowers & standard potted plants, Cacti & Succulents are very hardy, in fact the biggest contributor to dead Cacti & Succulents is overwatering! Therefore, it does follow that these plants need virtually no maintenance, freeing your staff from looking after them, thus concentrating them on the jobs they are employed to do.

They add a touch of modern/chic interest to any space. The costs of buying these plants and the length of time they survive indoors, reduces the much higher financial burden of the traditional flowers, again relieving the financial burden of your business.

Just one large ‘statement’ Cactus can be like a piece of Art and set the theme for a single working space.

Gift Shops

With these plants being so unusual, they do attract buyers browsing round any gift shop. Not only are they in demand, but they also help to decorate your business shop.

With no obvious competition from large garden centres, these plants will always attract willing customers. Advice can always be given on what types would suit your shop and the likely price you need to charge. You can always ‘upsell’ your own decorative pots, thus making these plants highly profitable.